A Message from the Queer Newark Oral History Project

Dear friends,

At this time of rising bigotry and intolerance, the Queer Newark Oral History Project wants to affirm its love for our diverse LGBTQ past, where difference is a strength rather than something to be suppressed, and where the courage and resilience of queer Newarkers past and present offers inspiration for all of us in this bleak moment.

We hope you’ve had a chance to listen to or read some of the oral histories we’ve featured at http://queer.newark.rutgers.edu/interviews

As a project, we are inspired by LGBTQ activists and communities, intersectional feminism, Black Lives Matter, and the many other voices that bring wisdom from the margins. Now more than ever, we need to reach other marginalized groups to document and celebrate their stories, and show the full range of Newark’s LGBTQ history: Latino/a (or Latinx) Newarkers, Muslim Newarkers, the undocumented members of our city that Mayor Baraka just defended, and all other groups. We’re still working on building some of those bridges, but if you’re out there reading this, we want to record your life story!

Please contact us, please share this message with anyone who might appreciate it, and please let us know how we, as a community-driven oral history project, can best be of service in our community.

In solidarity,

Queer Newark team


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