Looking for Information on New Jersey’s Gay Black Woman Magazine

Dear all,
One of the grad students working with Queer Newark is trying to track down information on a bi-monthly magazine from the mid-nineties called New Jersey’s Gay Black Woman for her master’s thesis. Does anyone have any information or recollection of this magazine?
Below are photos of the cover and the publisher’s information. The publisher is listed as New Jersey Womyn in Newark by Karin A. Kinsey.
Any information would be greatly appreciated! Send to k.scorsone@rutgers.edu

Cats in the archive


Stumbled across this extremely adorable photo from 1940 of two cats in Newark drinking their milk through straws, while doing archival research on the city’s nightclub history.

The caption reads — “GOOD MANNERS: These two mouse destroyers, pets of patrons of a Newark night club have better manners than some of the customers. Instead of lapping up milk in the usual tabby fashion they insist on straws and that’s the only way they’ll take the liquid nourishment.” – Newark Star Ledger, January, 1940.

The Other World – Newark disco

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 5.50.17 PM

Check out this March 1975 advertisement from “Hold Hands” (the Gay Activist Alliance of New Jersey newsletter) featuring The Other World disco!
The ad claims The Other World, which was located at 390 N. 5th Street in Newark, is the “gayest gay bar” in NJ. And don’t forget to take note of the light show and waterbed!
Does anyone have any fun memories of this place? Let us know in the comments!