Happy National Coming Out Day!

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Happy National Coming Out Day! Many of the oral histories of Queer Newark discuss coming out. Check out this beautiful quote from our interview with Alicia Heath-Toby, Professional Life Coach and the current board president of the Newark LGBTQ Community Center Board of Directors.

“However, when I was with my first lover I brought her home and first initially my mother was very upset, and she was like, you cannot bring her here and you certainly can’t be, you know, with her in this house. And that was like alright, whatever cause I’m going back to school. But yet there was a time that I can remember so vividly walking down the street, going to a store, a department store that no longer exists, and I see my lover and my mother notices my response and she leans over and she said you can go and say hello if you like. 

So my mother was very — she was a very interesting person ‘cause she also honored that it meant something to me to love her and if I was happy, although she didn’t agree, she appreciated it and she felt like how can I deny her this thing called love whatever that is for her?”

You can listen to Alicia Heath-Toby’s entire interview with grad student, Naomi Extra on our website HERE!


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