Homecoming for LGBTQ Veterans of War: Part 1


Join us at 7pm on Thursday October 20, in the Deans’ Lounge of RU-N on the 1st floor of Ackerson Hall (180 University Avenue) for an intergenerational and multi-military service panel of LGBTQ Veterans and Active Duty professionals.

This program encourages LGBTQ veterans to share their lived experiences with the Newark and Rutgers communities, focusing on how representing our nation during war has shaped their intersecting identities.

Grace Perez: Student, Veteran, Army
Ann Treadaway: Director for Rutgers Veteran Services, Army
James Credle: Rutgers Alum, Vietnam Bronze Star, Army and Former Dean of Students Rutgers University-Newark
Kevin J. Stevens: Director of Student Services, Airforce Bunker Hill Community College, Massachusetts
Andrew Germek: Rutgers Alum, Active Duty, Army
Omar Jean: Rutgers Alum, Veteran, Army Reserves

Refreshments will be provided.


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