TODAY: Black Lives Matter Event at Newark Public Library

TODAY come to the Newark Public Library for an important #BlackLivesMatter event. 

Queer Newark will be there!


Dr. Hanaa A. Hamdi, Moderator

Newark Public Library – Centennial Hall & 4th Floor Auditorium

5 Washington St, Newark, NJ 07102

12 Noon ~ 4:00 PM

The panel discussion (moderated by Dr. Hanaa A. Handi (r), Director, Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness) focuses on a topic that has emerged as one of the most important issues relative to the African American community. This panel will discuss the #BlackLivesMatter movement from the perspective of community activists and social service practitioners, addressing such topics as violence as a health crisis, the role of the media, the arts and recreation, incarceration, poverty, education and other pertinent areas.

Panelists will outline the challenges and offer solutions in their respective areas that will serve as “action steps” for attendees. This event will also feature exhibitors from social service agencies who will distribute information about their programs and services to the Greater-Newark community.

Oral Histories:
Newark elders will be invited to the 4th floor auditorium before the panel discussion, to document their experiences in the city which will be recorded by the Newark Chapter of the NAACP.


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